Late News

M-Head got added to our offer list.

The Magic Head is a simple but robust 2-axis digital remote head. It's 'modular' design and rigid construction make the head very stable and it delivers a performance usually only seen in a much more expensive Remote Heads. Each axis has unique 'dual motor' drive system which eliminates any backlash or play in the drive gears and gives the head a very smooth change in direction. The digital electronics constantly monitor the heads position eliminating any drift and making the head very accurate, even after long periods of continuous use. Because of the Magic Head's unique design, It is both quick and easy to balance, reducing it's set up time. The control desk has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable to operate and it allows for easy access to dampening and speed adjustments on all axes. The standard length of the cable used to connect the desktop with the head is 50m. This can be extended up to 150m.

Specifications and Guide can be found here. For further information mail

Movie from Cinec Munich

Cinec Munich - Trade Fair 2012

Our comapny will participate in Cinec Munich - Trade Fair 2012 which is addressed to everybody who is engaged in the field of the film/TV production as well as new developments in camera technology, camera support/grip, lighting, sound, postproduction, Stereo 3D, archiving, data managment, equipment, accessories as well as production-related services. During this show our company will promote some of our crane products with full support of our best engineers/servicemans.

More informations about Cinec can be found here.

Hot news!

Wireless interface for telescopic crane electronics.

Making of...

Nina L'Eau's TV advertising using our MB45 crane...

...and Mission Impossible 4 using our MB24 crane.


Our company is having holidays from 4.08 to 24.08, therefore it will be closed during this period.

What we Offer

The company offer includes complete camera cranes with telescopic boom arm: MB17’, MB24’, MB30’, MB45’ with digital electronics for arm length control and camera crane with a fixed arm: ‘Eagle’ MB70.
We also offer wide range of equipment tailored to fit our camera crane models mentioned above, i.e. crane bases, trolleys, wheels, rain covers etc.

Company Profile

MovieBird manufactures high-tech telescopic camera cranes for film and TV production. Modern and patented solutions make our company one of the world’s leading manufacturers. A wide range of products allows us to customize our products to the client's needs.
Well-known film producers and camera operators from all over the world value our products. We are open to new ideas and challenges.

Our Team

Our company is formed by people with significant professional experience. Our team of expert engineers guarantees high quality products. We also cooperate with many external companies which provides us with the opportunity to differentiate and continuously improve our offer.