MovieBird 17, MB17

MovieBird 17

(17 feet = 5,2m)

The MB17 telescopic camera crane is the first crane to have the state-of-the-art patented safety belt transmission system (as opposed to the cable drive system) also each section is guided by linear bearings thus offering a crane that is completely safe for use on difficult crowd scenes ect. The MB17 being lighter and easy to dismantle and reassemble is ideal for use on small and large sound stages, also because of its rigidity it is perfect for use on a tracking vehicle. At customers requests are additional features available such as an oversling extension, a 3,3 feet (1 m) extension and a raincover that does not restrict the cranes operation, also a dolly width that will go through standard 80 cm wide doors.

Useful Files

Manual (Coming Soon)

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